Used reasonably, video games may have some positive effects on children:

  • Develop the instinct of the child overcoming.
  • Increase its speed of thinking and stimulate their concentration.
  • Develop your reflexes and mental alertness and improve coordination manual.
  • Promote the work team for the games for several players.
  • Many are intended for educational purposes, so while they play, they learn about all kinds of disciplines.
  • Played in family, can help strengthen ties and super funny afternoons.

Against video games for children

  • As in its day the television, video games have become target of all criticisms by the potential dangers posed by. It is true that, if his only diversion is to play with the console, the child will eventually become an addict, showing consistent signs of anxiety and nervousness. This dependence will also make you let interact with his friends and pay attention to their surroundings. Also:
  • Children may be exposed to content not suitable for their age, because some video games contain scenes of sex, violence, play, use profanity, and so on.
  • The risk of overweight or obesity due to sedentary lifestyle which forced the majority of video games. Hence the good reception that have had games that force you to move or play any sport.
  • To connect with other players over the Internet, can meet undesirable people or provide information that they shouldn’t.
  • A final snag: consoles are expensive products, and video games, too.