With video games, as well as limit the time, it is essential to know what plays the child and play with him, or, at least, interested in what makes front screen. If our son asks us the last video game fashion, we must first ensure that it is recommended for their age and tell us about your content. Other useful tips are:

  • Fixed rules of use, very strict if it is under 15 years of age. From that age, the hand is can go opening slightly.
  • Tries to your kids to play on common home sites, not locked up in your room. It is also recommended to watch the game outside the home, for example, in the houses of friends. Remember that mobile devices are more difficult to control.
  • You do not buy pirated products and controls the exchange between friends.
  • Activate parental controls of the consoles and computers you have at home. And always keep updated all antivirus programs.
  • If your children want to play online, first get it with them and explain to them the risks on privacy posed by this practice. Always keep open dialogue line.
  • There is also offering for less than three years, your little appreciate rather than take him to the park that put him in front of a screen. And, whatever be your age, don’t forget to propose other options of leisure.

The Spanish Association of distributors and publishers of Entertainment Software (ADEs) and the National Institute of communication technologies (INTECO) has published a guide to guide parents on this issue.