When we talk about video games, the reality is that parents are under great pressure from their children, to professional councils. But since video games have become an essential pastime, more intelligent is to negotiate with children how long can devote to play and what kind of games can do so, according to your tastes and preferences. And, of course, play with them.

The choice of a video game to be based on two main criteria: the content and the age of the child. All video games are classified by age (+ 3, + 18, + 7, + 12, + 16) according to the PEGI (Pan-European Games information system), which also specifies the content of the same descriptors icons: If the game contains swearing, references to drugs, gambling, possibility to play online. It is also the only one that includes the regulation of the world online through the PEGI logo.

Before you proceed to checkout, is essential therefore first check the label to make sure that we’re buying the game that best suits our son, mostly because the vast majority of them are intended for adults of 25 to 30 years, the most common of these products consumer. In addition, also it should be noted with which device is playing, since very young children are not able to control according to which controls. In this sense, think that it is better always to enjoy them in the living room – where we can play all – that with a handheld console in your room.

In terms of content, the range is very extended: there are adventure games, of fear, of role, sport, strategy, war, platforms, imitation, educational… to children should always opt for one that has memory so that the items are not eternicen, allowing more than one player play so that they are not alone and you have a very complicated plot.

Of these, experts often prefer the educational, because it allows them to learn by playing and family members. On the other hand, children often feel attracted by those whose protagonists are familiar characters, but, once again, should be soon discuss its contents because not all of them are interesting or convenient and also tend to cost quite expensive. All games that include wars and fighting – success of best sellers – are totally discouraged to minors.