They will be, without a doubt, the star of Christmas, because video games have become the King of the younger members of the family entertainment. But choose well and know their recommendations for use are essential tasks of the parents. We help.

A little history of video games

Gamers first appeared in the 1960s, and since then, this sector has continued to grow and develop thanks to the creativity of its programmers, a very powerful industry and the evolution of technology. A technology that has allowed to now enjoy video games not only on the game console or computer, but on any portable device (conventional or smart phones, tablets) or that we can get them thanks to a file or program sent via e-mail or downloaded from a website, etc.

Increasingly realistic and highest technical quality, many video games offer the possibility, thanks to the Internet, play online with other people regardless of where they are located, an option that is especially attractive to teenagers but by implication also certain risks that we must know and control.

In short, it has changed the way have fun of our children, who increasingly are tempted by the games on display. In fact, according to data from the report ‘uses and habits of the Spanish gamers ‘, published by the Spanish Association of distributors and publishers of Entertainment Software in December 2009, four of every ten Spanish households with children own a game console and almost 20% are portable. More than six out of ten children usually play with this kind of entertainment, and as years devote more time to it (five hours on average per week between 12 and 16 years), especially the boys.

Each household has an average of, there is nothing, 20 games. However, statistics indicate that the majority of the games that are purchased are suitable for the whole family.