Glenn J. Doman , American physician, founded institutes for the development of the human potential, in Philadelphia, at the end of the 1950s. Previously, Doman had worked with brain injury, distressed children who got to develop some cognitive abilities similar and even greater than those of the healthy children, what made you think that if a proper stimulation achieved great results with these children, the learning capacity of healthy children was missing.

Doman researched with children all over the world and found that there are alternatives to teach reading to children, that the syllabic method is not exactly the most appropriate, and that babies are able to recognize letters and words if they are large enough, and learn to read before the age of three, as he explains in his book ‘How to teach reading to your baby’.

Doman believes more easily how much smaller is a child has to learn and that, especially during the first six years (period that the called ‘genesis of genius’) that learning ability is higher than that will have the rest of your life. Doman, children are able to read words with just one year of age, sentences to two years, and books that have three, and it ensures that enjoy much with this, and that the process of learning to read is similar to where the child continues to learn to speak. He says, that learn to read early encourages the taste for reading, also favors the development of the intelligence of the child, and opens a world of possibilities for him.